Two Steps from Hope



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by starla447 1 / 10

Had to turn it off

The acting ... the Bible pushing... just everything. It was so bad. I can usually overlook these things and try to just enjoy the movie... but this one I just couldn't. Turned it off about 30 minutes into it.

Reviewed by dlbottla 8 / 10

For Neil-swift 23453

Sounds to me like you could use a little bible in your life. The movie is about life and most of the time is sucks and there is reason for that, it is ruled by the Prince of the Air and we are born into sinful natures because of what happened in the Garden.

You don't have to believe me, you see it in your own life and all around the world, it is a mess, wars, earthquakes, volcanoes, 53 million babies killed a year just in U.S., I am surprised we are still here.

He has had mercy because of the many praying Christian's in this nation but judgement is coming. Look around, we are Sodom and Gomorrah lol. Seriously, you should look at your life, you really do need the goodness, protection, salvation, love, and joy of Christ in your life. His blood covers all.

The Bot

P.S. Good movie

Reviewed by thogg-94412 7 / 10


Tragedy strikes a family when the teen daughter disobeys her parents. The movie is based around this tragedy. Everyone in the family gets stuck in the cycle of blame - blaming either themselves or another family member. This ultimately leads to threats of divorce. Friends and neighbors step in to support them sharing their own, similar fates and how they moved forward. It's a story of loss and redemption. I needed tissues a few times and could hear loud sobs from others in the theater.

The script was written by a group of teens taking a summer camp film class. I didn't know this until I came here to review. It was so well written that I want to see it again. However, it makes sense in many ways. It's a story of a teenager and a family falling apart. Many teens know what an unraveling family feels and looks like. There were a few moments though were the script failed. There is a young girl sharing her faith who used very technical terms which didn't have an authentic feel. However the rest of the writing more than overshadowed those moments.

The actors were well cast and felt real, not like Hollywood types. The setting was small town America and looked authentic.

The only aspect that was not so good was the camera. Shots were often shaky and had a low quality sound and look at times. It seemed like perhaps another camera was used later that was steadier and clearer.

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