The Pale Man


Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hcampbell-70473 3 / 10

Where to even begin?

With a budget so low the "ghost" effects are simply an actor with a lot of makeup to make him "pale", there's not really anywhere to go with a film. Add in some flat performances, some way over the top performances, some dumb as dirt decision making by the protagonist and dialogue that Tommy Wiiseau would find laughable and you have waste of an evening.

Reviewed by omendata 4 / 10

Nice atmosphere and camerawork but no story

That about sums this little film up.

Started really well , nice camera action and a good beginning; the director has created a sinister atmosphere reminiscent of Children Of The Corn and the music was spot on but the film just dragged on as there was very little story and what it was is just a very basic murder mystery that could have been an episode of Murder She Wrote. I was half waiting for Jessica Fletcher to turn up to join all the other old ladies in the film.

The girl who plays the boarding house receptionist was actually the most interesting character in the whole film and yet she was not part of the plot which is a missed opporchancity!

Once again another film that had promise but failed to deliver which seems to be the absolute norm now...sadly...

Reviewed by lupcop 3 / 10

So naiv

She plays without emotions, no body languages. Like a robot. And the story is not new. Hom many times we have seen this: car is brocken somewhere....she came in a stagen small town..nobody is friendly except the guy wh is saviour, actually everybody elese is wired....she got ill and suddenly she got touched by an angel..and no more ill. Normally I give always more than 7/10, here only 3/10.

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