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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thorr-3 1 / 10

The jig is up.......

The high ratings are all from people obviously trying to save it from the real ratings that blast it. to all the high raters that obviously have some connection to the movie - everybody knows by now to look at the other titles that a reviewer has reviewed! And when THIS movie is the only one, a 3rd grader knows to AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE! All 1 reviews then a slew of 10's? If you actually think the public has no clue, and wont notice your only rating was this title .....your an idiot! .........hence shows why you are connected to this film. If you want actual GOOD ratings then associate yourself with GOOD movies. And if your not cut out to be in an at least DECENT film.......McDonalds is always hiring~

Reviewed by mail-557-362136 8 / 10

"2012" meets "Speed"

You can't slow down and land because the ground is...gone!! The feeling of this film reminded me a lot of 1994's „Speed" starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, and also „Open Water" from 2003. On the other hand, the disaster element added a flavor of films like „Independence Day" or „2012". Great (Hans-Zimmer-like) soundtrack, too.

Reviewed by t_imdb-783-96625 7 / 10

Jet interior looks amazing!!!!!

Nice twist to view the end of the world from up in the skies in a super expensive private jet. Watching this film felt like attending a glamorous event and an apocalyptic disaster at the same time. This „dinner party of terror" scenario reminded me of films like Tarantino's „Hateful Eight" or Hitchcock's „Rope". However, the film combines it's classic thriller elements („whodunit") with some very decently shot action. Plus quite a bit of humour and romance.

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