Glossary of Broken Dreams


Animation / Comedy / Drama / History / Music

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pbpbgorn 9 / 10

glossary of broken modernity

I think this is a very important movie and should reach as many people as possible. self-reflective hyper-modernity at its best.

Reviewed by Uwe Geller 7 / 10

Colorful documentary

A colorful film about politics and the problems of political thinking in the age of internet culture. It is insightful and very funny. Only problem I have is that it is a bit too fast. It is almost impossible to follow all the threads, references and jokes. I'm not an English native speaker, so maybe that's part of the problem, but, very well deserved 7 stars from me. Hope that there will German subtitles in the future....

Reviewed by Peter Brubaker 10 / 10

What genre is this?

Another feat by director-writer-actor Johannes Grenzfurthner. He pulls off an almost impossible task: being seriously funny while being dead serious.

I don't even think this film can be considered a documentary. Nothing is documented, not even re-enacted, and it's also not a mockumentary or docufiction. It uses whimsical narrative and musical elements to explain political theory and philosophy. I think Grenzfurthner created his own little genre. Docufarce? Documentravesty?

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