Balu Mahi


Adventure / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zaradees 1 / 10

Painfully bad

After watching Netflix's 'Love per Square Foot' I was in mood for another international romantic comedy so I checked this one out. It started off well, over the top acting, but I thought it could be funny but instead it's just painful to watch. The lead actress was absolutely terrible. I have not seen this much over acting since ever. The lead actor was mediocre, but the actress really spoiled the film because the story moved forward due to her. The scenery was good but there were too many continuity errors. one part of the movie, the couple run away from the bride's family at the train station. One moment they are running during the day light with loads of people, and literally the second scene it's night time and there is no one around in the train station, then it was back to running during the day time. In one song, the actress was wearing high heels and in the next scene she was wearing flats, then she was wearing high heels again. It was all too distracting and I am not particularly good at spotting those. The part that was pretty offensive in the movie was when the couple wandered into a church and just proceeded to run around, whilst there were worshippers there. Imagine if they had filmed such a scene inside a mosque? The film could have shown parts of Pakistan we don't get to see, the every day people, instead it was over the top nonsense. I had to switch off.

Reviewed by Ammar Abid 7 / 10

One Of The Better Films From Pakistan If Not The Best

Salam , Just watched Balu Mahi few days back i was so confused to watch it or not because Pakistani movies were going no where from past few months especially in 2016 and i also heard that first Pakistani movie of 2017 named "Thora Jee Le" was pathetic but still i gave Balu Mahi a chance and OMG i was shocked & literally blown away , from start to finish this one was fully entertaining movie which had drama , comedy , thrill , Romance etc etc . From opening scene where Balu ( Osman Khalid Butt ) is shown sitting in car is brilliant and the back ground score is amazing beautiful music by Sahir Ali Bagga , all songs are exceptional and best music from any Pakistani Movie along With Bin Roye. The story spans beautifully and most importantly the beautiful locations shown in the movie from Lahore to Hunza and all other places shown are beautifully captured by the camera man hats off also the cinematography is great loved the scenery . Coming to acting Osman Kahlid Butt looked so charming and totally in control of his character all expressions with which he acted shows his talent he has a long way to go , Ainee Jaffery was also looking cute and beautiful in some scenes she acted brilliantly rest of the cast did their part so well and supported the lead stars. Music from Sahir Ali Bagga is best from any Pakistani Movie till now the two best songs are Rang De Chunar and Tu Kia Jaane sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Sahir Ali Bagga respectively. Overall full Paisa Vasool Movie it's a must watch for all Pakistani's its a movie which will give a very strong push to Pakistani Cinema and Believe me it's a classy movie and comparable to any Bollywood flick level. Hatsoff to the director Haissam Hussain for making a very bubbly and entertaining movie , we want more good movies like this . So my Overall score for Ballu Mahi is 7.2/10 , Acting : 7.5/10 , Music : 10/10 , Direction :8/10 , Cinematography : 10/10 . A Job well done

Reviewed by Lily 10 / 10

Balu Mahi is a Sweet Romantic Comedy on par with brilliant Hollywood rom-coms

Never felt more proud of watching & reviewing a Pakistani movie than after watching Balu Mahi. A movie which portrays the correct image of Pakistan in its true sense. Previous Pakistani movies such as Waar,Khuda ke liye have mostly been about the fight against criminals & religious groups. Those movies are great in their own right. However, Balu Mahi is a movie which shows a different, positive & colourful side of Pakistan.It shows that Pakistanis are normal people with normal lives just like everyone else around the globe.It addresses the extremely important issue of women empowerment in a fun, quirky & entertaining manner.The entire cast including Osman Khalid butt, Ainy Jaffri, Sadaf Kanwal,Mohd. Jamal, Mustafa Ali khan. Sir Shafqat Cheema, & Miss Durdana Butt does complete justice to their respective roles. The Chemistry between the lead pair is Ethereal and deserves an encore. The Crew behind this movie has been phenomenal at their job. Haissam Hussain! Hats off! You are a genius. Simply put Balu Mahi is a Masterpiece! Must Watch! 10/10. One minor critic is that the script was not original.But highly entertaining so all is forgiven.

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